Katoomba to Lithgow Great Western Highway Upgrade Program

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Upgrade Program 

Client: New South Wales Government


The Katoomba to Lithgow Great Western Highway Upgrade Program is a major infrastructure project undertaken by the New South Wales Government, aimed at enhancing the safety and efficiency of the Great Western Highway between Katoomba and Lithgow.

The project’s main objectives are to improve road capacity, reduce travel times, and enhance the overall user experience for motorists and residents in the region.

Summit Services, a leading provider of vegetation clearing solutions and civil works, was selected as a key sub-contractor to perform essential civil works on this ambitious upgrade program.

Project Overview

At Summit Services, our civil works expertise played a pivotal role in keeping the grounds of the Katoomba to Lithgow Great Western Highway Upgrade Program in safe working order. With our experience and fleet of reliable, heavy-duty equipment, we were fully equipped to handle the scale and complexities of the project, ensuring the successful execution of various tasks, including:

Clearing and Grubbing

Our highly experienced and qualified team at Summit Services efficiently conducted clearing and grubbing activities along the designated highway sections. This involved the removal of vegetation, debris, and other obstructions to prepare the site for subsequent construction works.

Excavation Work/Services

Summit Services deployed its specialized fleet of excavators to perform excavation works as required by the project. Our expertise in excavation ensured precise and accurate digging, essential for the proper execution of the highway upgrade.


Fleet and Experience

Our extensive fleet of heavy-duty equipment, including Posi Track, Excavators, Harvesters, Cranes, EWP, Tipper Chipper, and Night Works machinery, was instrumental in achieving project milestones efficiently.


The Katoomba to Lithgow Great Western Highway Upgrade Program benefited significantly from Summit Services‘ civil works expertise and vegetation clearing solutions. Our highly qualified team and specialised fleet ensured the safe and efficient preparation and maintenance of the highway and its surroundings. By collaborating with other stakeholders, we successfully contributed to the program’s planning and execution, making a positive impact on the local community and improving overall road infrastructure.

For your civil works needs, whether it’s large-scale projects like the Katoomba to Lithgow Great Western Highway Upgrade or other vegetation clearing requirements, Summit Open Space Services is the partner you can trust. Enquire today to discover how our team can assist with your next infrastructure endeavor.

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