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Enhancing Community Spaces 

Client: Ched Towns Reserve, Glenmore Park


The Ched Towns Landscaping Project aims to transform the surroundings of the new amenities building at Ched Towns Reserve, Glenmore Park, into a vibrant and user-friendly space for the local community. Summit Open Space Services, a trusted landscaping contractor, was chosen to undertake the design and construction of the project in two stages.

Design Considerations

Summit Open Space Services collaborated with Penrith City Council and the appointed consultant to ensure a detailed design plan aligned with the project’s objectives. Key design considerations included:

Pathway Connections: Realigned and removed existing pathways, connecting them to the new building’s floor level and enhancing pedestrian flow throughout the site.

Sandstone Block Retaining Walls: The beautiful and practical blocks were provided by Gosford Quarries to create a natural, warm ambience along with the strength for retaining the land.

Construction Process:

Summit Open Space Services seamlessly executed the construction phase, aligning it with the amenities building construction. Key highlights of their construction management include:

Compliance and Safety: Complied with all Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations, meeting Principal Contractor Obligations, and demonstrating adherence to statutory requirements. Maintained detailed documentation and record-keeping for WHS purposes.

Environmental Management: Submitted comprehensive management plans to Council, including a site dilapidation report, ensuring minimal impact on the surroundings. Established temporary facilities, construction fencing, signage, pedestrian controls, and sediment fencing.

Project Management: Provided end-to-end project management, supplying skilled supervision, labour, tools, materials, and equipment. Coordinated inspections from relevant authorities and ensured compliance with codes and standards. Stage 1 and Stage 2 of this project are being completed before the building construction work, which will be completed towards the end of the overall development.

Collaboration and Communication: Conducted a minimum of three collaborative meetings with Council and the consultant, fostering effective communication and ensuring project success.


Stage 2 will include:

Tiered Seating: Constructed a concrete amphitheater-style seating area on the northern face and incorporated sandstone to blend with the southern side.

Fencing: Replaced timber fencing with a low-maintenance, resilient alternative, improving the overall aesthetics and reducing maintenance issues.

Vehicular Access: Created a formalized emergency access road from the car park to the fields, ensuring safety and convenience.

Planting: Implemented strategic planting within the amenity block area, focusing on trees and incorporating concrete edges for planting beds where budget allowed.



With their attention to detail, commitment to safety and compliance, and effective project management, Summit transformed the Ched Towns Reserve Stage 1 works into an enhanced community space. The completion of the first stage reflects Summit’s skills and capabilities as a trusted landscaping provider, contributing to the overall satisfaction of the sporting and local communities. Summit Services will ramp up the Stage 2 works to dovetail with the building construction completion in Spring 2023.

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