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Fast Response Graffiti Removal

Client: Footscray East Zone Substation


Summit Open Space Services is a leading provider of comprehensive outdoor maintenance solutions in Victoria. As part of our partnership with Jemena / Zinfra, Summit Services was entrusted with the responsibility of managing the electricity sub stations, which includes facility management, mowing, spraying, and graffiti removal.

The Challenge

Footscray East substation had become a target for graffiti vandalism, which not only affected the aesthetics of the facility but also posed security concerns.

The Solution

Recognising the importance of maintaining a neat and tidy environment, Summit Open Space Services promptly responded to the graffiti issue at the Footscray East substation. Leveraging their expertise in graffiti removal, Summit Services deployed a specialised team equipped with advanced tools and fast acting cleaning agents to eradicate the graffiti. Their trained professionals followed a systematic approach to remove the graffiti effectively without causing any damage to the substation’s surfaces.

The Benefits of Fast-Acting Graffiti Removal

Enhanced Aesthetics: By swiftly removing the graffiti, Summit Open Space Services restored the visual appeal of the Footscray East substation. The clean and graffiti-free surfaces projected a positive image of the facility, instilling a sense of pride in the community.

Deterrence of Further Vandalism: Fast response graffiti removal sends a strong message to potential vandals that their acts will not go unchallenged. This proactive approach acts as a deterrent, reducing the likelihood of future graffiti incidents.

Improved Security: Graffiti-covered substation walls can hinder surveillance and compromise security measures. By eliminating graffiti promptly, Summit Services ensured unobstructed visibility and enhanced the overall security of the site.

Preservation of Property Value: Graffiti can significantly devalue properties and negatively impact the surrounding area. Through their swift graffiti removal service, Summit Open Space Services helped preserve the property value of the Footscray East substation and contribute to the overall desirability of the neighborhood.



Summit Open Space Services demonstrated their commitment to maintaining the cleanliness and security of the Footscray East substation through their prompt and efficient graffiti removal service. By acting swiftly, they were able to restore the substation’s aesthetics, deter further vandalism, improve security, and preserve property value.

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