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Hunter Park Upgrade and Inclusion Playground

Client: Mosman Council, NSW


Nestled on Hunter Road off The Esplanade at Balmoral Beach, Hunter Park, in Mosman NSW, spans approximately 8,000m2 and occupies a prime location opposite the amenities building and heritage tram shed.

The Hunter Park Upgrade and Inclusion Playground is a significant initiative undertaken by the Mosman Council to enhance the recreational facilities and green spaces for the local community. The project aims to revitalise the Hunter Park area, creating a vibrant and inclusive space that caters to the diverse needs of residents and visitors alike.

The Hunter Park Upgrade aligns perfectly with Summit Services‘ commitment to transforming outdoor spaces into safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environments for all.

Project Overview

At Summit Services, we recognise the importance of creating purposeful and inclusive outdoor spaces. Our participation in the Hunter Park Upgrade has allowed us to contribute to the creation of a purpose-built, all-inclusive playground that adheres to the standards set forth by the NSW Government’s ‘Everyone Can Play’ program. Our dedication to transforming spaces into safe, functional, and inclusive environments has been a driving force in shaping the success of this project.

Project Objectives

Inclusive Playground: The core objective was to establish an all-inclusive playground at Hunter Park, aligning with the guidelines and vision of the NSW Government’s ‘Everyone Can Play’ program.

Accessibility: The project aimed to provide easy access to the site by creating designated parking and improving overall site accessibility, creating an inclusive environment that caters to individuals of all abilities and backgrounds.

Community-Centric Design: A significant goal was to enhance the park’s appeal and function, making it a focal point for the community.

Enhanced Landscape: The park’s landscaping was redesigned to incorporate native plants, pathways, seating areas, and green spaces that encourage social interaction and outdoor activities.

Under Construction

From the outset the Summit team were highly motivated and our expertise in landscape design, construction, and maintenance played a crucial role in bringing the project’s vision to life.

  1. Landscape Design and Construction

Our team collaborated closely with landscape architects to implement a comprehensive landscape design that seamlessly blended functional elements with aesthetic appeal. We integrated pathways, seating areas, and recreational zones that aligned with the park’s objectives, while ensuring that the new elements blended harmoniously with the surroundings.

  1. Inclusive Playground Installation

As proponents of inclusive design, we took a central role in the installation of the all-inclusive playground. Our team ensured that the play equipment met the criteria set by the ‘Everyone Can Play’ program, ensuring that everyone, regardless of abilities, can enjoy the space. Our team ensured the precise placement of play equipment, safety measures, and age-appropriate features to create a dynamic and secure play area.

  1. Pathways and Accessibility Enhancements

Summit Services played a vital role in improving the overall accessibility of the park by contributing to the provision of designated parking spaces and optimizing site access. Further, Summit Services created pathways that catered to pedestrians of all abilities. The pathways were constructed to seamlessly connect different areas of the park while adhering to accessibility standards.

4. Inspired Play Options

One of the most exciting enhancement to this design is the Accessible Sand Pit. This inspired inclusion incorporates overhang areas where wheel chairs can fit underneath. Everyone can reach the sandpit which means  ‘Everyone Can Play’. 


  1.  Quality Assurance and Project Management

Our skilled project management team ensured that all aspects of the Hunter Park Upgrade were executed in a coordinated manner, prioritising safety, meeting project milestones and deadlines.

Project Outcomes

The successful collaboration between Summit Services and the Mosman Council led to the following favourable outcomes:

  • A revitalised and engaging playground that has become a hub for children and families in the community.
  • The creation of an all-inclusive playground that meets the standards of the NSW Government’s ‘Everyone Can Play’ program, promoting inclusivity and accessibility.
  • Enhanced green spaces and pathways that encourage physical activity, social interaction, and relaxation.
  • Inclusive facilities, including accessible pathways and seating areas, promoting a sense of belonging for all park visitors.
  • Positive community response and engagement, reflecting the alignment of the park’s design with the community’s desires.


Summit Services is proud to have been part of the Hunter Park Upgrade project, contributing our expertise in landscape design, construction, and maintenance to create a welcoming and functional community space. Through collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to quality, we helped transform Hunter Park into a place that brings joy, fosters community connections, and provides a lasting legacy for Mosman residents.

If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor spaces or embark on a similar community-focused project, Summit Open Space Services is here to bring your vision to life. 

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