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Horticultural Maintenance of Frankston’s Green Spaces

Client: Frankston City Council


Frankston City Council is dedicated to maintaining its parks, gardens, and natural reserves to provide residents with accessible green spaces for relaxation and recreation. With over 100 public green areas, Frankston boasts a diverse range of outdoor amenities for the community to enjoy. To maintain these cherished green spaces, the Frankston City Council sought specialists dedicated to delivering top-tier horticultural site maintenance services.

Project Overview

Summit Services has undertaken a significant contract with Frankston City Council to provide comprehensive maintenance of these horticultural areas across designated work sites. The contract encompasses various tasks aimed at preserving and enhancing the aesthetic appeal, safety, and functionality of Frankston’s green spaces. Summit Services has embraced a diverse array of duties, from conducting thorough site inspections to meticulously tending to litter collection, grass mowing, weed control, and graffiti removal. Our expertise in tree maintenance has also allowed us to safeguard the health and vitality of the majestic trees that reside in Frankston’s parks and reserves, ensuring their longevity for generations to come.

Project Objectives

  • Elevating Park Aesthetics
    With a close attention to detail, we were able to enhance the visual appeal of the horticultural sites, while still adhering to the strict standards set by Frankston City Council.
  • Fostering Inclusivity
    The design and maintenance of versatile landscapes encourages full utilisation of the horticultural site, and provides an inclusive environment that appeals to a range of different user groups.
  • Prioritising Safety
    Through proactive measures such as hazard identification, eco-friendly practices, and responsible use of resources, we can ensure that Frankston’s green spaces remain safe, healthy, and resilient for generations to come.
  • Streamlining Maintenance Programs
    By implementing strategic planning, innovative techniques, and proactive maintenance schedules, we aim to reduce reactive maintenance requests and optimize the longevity and value of green spaces.
  • Balancing Programmed and Reactive Works
    Summit Services offers flexibility to the council by seamlessly transitioning between scheduled maintenance tasks and responding promptly to non-programmed works and projects.
  • Effective Client Communication
    Frankston City Council’s requirements included a commitment to providing reliable information, with effective communication, a high standard of customer service and professional feedback to all clients and customers.
  • Compliance and Accountability
    A key requirement for the contract was ensuring strict compliance with government regulations and council policies, with an in-depth understanding of the relevant legislation and guidelines governing horticultural site maintenance.

Project Outcome

Through conscientious maintenance efforts, Summit Services has successfully achieved the following outcomes:

  • Consistently presenting parks, gardens, and horticultural sites in a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing manner.
  • Encouraging community engagement and utilization of green spaces.
  • Minimising safety risks and environmental impacts.
  • Implementing efficient maintenance programs to reduce reactive requests and associated costs.
  • Providing reliable information, effective communication, and high-quality customer service to clients and customers.
  • Ensuring compliance with government acts, regulations, and council policies.


The partnership between Summit Services and Frankston City Council has resulted in the effective management and enhancement of Frankston’s green spaces. Through calculated maintenance practices and a commitment to quality, Summit Services has contributed to the preservation of the natural beauty and functionality of parks, gardens, and reserves across the municipality. Moving forward, this collaboration will continue to prioritise the well-being and enjoyment of the Frankston community through the stewardship of its outdoor amenities.

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