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Stockton Beach Regeneration

Client: Hunter Water


Stockton Beach is a 32 kilometre stretch of pristine white sand located north of Newcastle, NSW. It is the largest continuous mobile sand dune system in the southern hemisphere. 

In recent years, Stockton Beach has been eroded by storms and unprecedented weather events which have compromised flora and fauna biodiversity, and community safety. 


The Stockton Coastal Management Program has estimated that 112,000 cubic metres of sand is being lost each year, far more than previously estimated. This sand loss poses a significant threat to private property and community assets. 

To regenerate the areas and secure its future for future generations, the federal government has committed $4.7 million towards the project, with Newcastle Council contributing a further $1.5 million. 

The works include replacing the sand and regenerating the surrounding land to withstand the large swell and avoid future erosion. 

Summit Open Space Services was engaged by Hunter Water to help regenerate the Stockton Beach sand dunes. This included removing noxious bitou bush and other weeds, planting 10,000 native plants, and spreading mulch to the entire area to help the plants establish and thrive.


In collaboration with Local Aboriginal Land Council’s Worimi Green Team, Summit Services took care to plan out the installation and maintenance phases of the mass planting to ensure it was delivered in alignment with the overall vision of the project.

The project scope included:

  • Collaborating with Worimi Green Team
  • Selecting locally appropriate species to plant
  • Delivery and installation of 10,000 native plants with stakes and protective sleeves
  • Mulching the soil to encourage healthy growth


By working in a highly collaborative manner with the project coordinators, the Summit Services team were able to prioritise the timely delivery and installation of 10,000 locally appropriate plants. 

The project was successfully realised, on time and within budget. Its success adds value to the larger Stockton Beach Regeneration, helping to secure the long term future of the area.


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