Tree Services

No tree is too big or too small

If you’ve got a tree that needs pruning or shaping, reloacting, lopping or complete removal, our team of fully qualified Arborists can help.

With over 35 years’ experience, our team can assess the health of your tree and do what needs to be done to protect people and property.

Put your mind at ease with Summit Services.

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Tree Maintenance

Pruning, trimming and shaping trees keeps them healthy and safe.


Tree Removal

Trust one of our fully qualified and insured Arborists to safely remove your tree. 


Tree Moving

Trust our experienced team to safely relocate your tree.

Need a Tree Removed?

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Why remove a tree?

We do everything we can to care for and preserve trees, however, sometimes you need to remove a tree due to:


Poor Health


Insect Infestation


Storm Damage


Fire Damage






Safety concerns


Limb Dropping

Competitive Prices

Why Choose Summit Services?

Trusted, professional, local team

The Summit Services team are fully qualified, insured and have worked in NSW and Victroria for over 35 years.

We know this area like the back of our hands and have the tools and equipment to remove any tree quickly and safely, whether it’s large or small, next to your house or at the back of your block.

Our team will work quickly and efficiently and leave your property as neat and tidy as we found it.

Trusted, Fast & Reliable Tree Removal.

Tree Removal Costs & Considerations

Choose the right team for the job

Once you’ve had your tree removal approved by your local Council, it’s time to find a trusted, experienced team to remove your tree.

Get in touch with us today and we can provide you with a fast, accurate quote to remove your tree quickly and safely.

Tree removal can cost between $500 and $7,000+ depending on a few key factors, including:

Size of the Tree

A large, established tree requires more man-power and bigger, more specialised equipment to remove and dispose the tree safely.

Type of Tree

Different species of tree require different disposal methods and some species (like a hard wood) can be more time consuming to cut down and chip, and this will impact the time we need to be on site.

Health of the Tree

Disease, riot and infestation can make trees difficult and dangerous to climb and remove. This can mean we require extra specialised equipment, like cherry pickers.

Access to the Tree

If the tree is easily accessible, tree removal is straightforward. However, homes, other large trees, powerlines, uneven or sloping terrain, pools and other structures may mean we need to use cranes or cherry pickers to safely remove the tree.

Experienced Team

Other Tree Removal Costs

If you need our team to remove a tree urgently in an emergency or after hours, there may be additional costs.

You can use your tree waste as mulch but if you need it to be taken to your local tip, fees may apply.

We recommend removing the stump so the tree is completely removed from your site. Not only does the result look better, it means the stump won’t sprout, rot or attract insects, or be a trip hazard.

Working with us is easy

Reliable, friendly, and professional tree removal services in NSW and Victoria.


Site Visit

Contact us today to arrange a Covid-safe site visit. Our experienced assessor will discuss your unique tree requirements.


Written Quote

Receive a free, detailed written quote including our quality, service and price guarantee.


Tree Removed

Our qualified team of arborists will quickly and safely remove your tree, and leave your property neat and tidy.

Fully Qualified Summit Services

Fast, safe tree removal

Your local Tree Removal Team

For many homeowners, seeking the services of a tree removal company can be a daunting task. With dozens of contractors available, how do you find a qualified, insured arborist for the job?


Qualified Arborists

Our team have a minimum of Cert 3 Arboriculture qualifications. This means they’re trained to climb tree and know how to safely prune and remove a tree without damaging people or property.


Experienced Locals

With 35+ years’ experience, we know trees like no other. Plus, we have the tools and equipment to remove any size tree, and are full insured.


Guaranteed Service

We know you’ll be happy with our professional tree removal service and guarantee a fast, safe removal of any tree.

Tree removal specialists

Our Tree Services also include:


Tree Lopping


Tree Pruning


Stump Grinding


Arborist Report


Tree Assessments


Land Clearing