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Frederick Wachter Reserve

Client: City of Greater Dandenong


City of Dandenong approached Summit Open Space Services to improve and maintain the ecology of Fredrick Wachter Wetlands Reserve.


The Reserve required development and management of both water run-off and dry open space park habitats within the reserve’s perimeter.



Even before the project had commenced, the Summit team chose to adopt Melbourne Water’s Best Practice Construction and Installation Standards for Wetland Environments as the baseline quality standards for the project.

While they specified more than the contract required, using Melbourne Water’s standard ensured that City of Dandenong would establish and achieve a successful, thriving environmental outcomes.

While some plant life existed in situ at the wetland reserve, the effects of existing compost additives and overall soil health were an unknown quantity.

Upon engagement of the Summit team, thorough soil sampling and analysis was undertaken by external laboratory partners in conjunction with Summits in house soil scientist.

This analysis provided a comprehensive picture of any remediation and amelioration works that needed to be undertaken ahead of the project commencement.

With a thorough understanding of the ecological challenges of the site, and the best practice construction and installation standards for wetland environments in place, the Summit team set about delivering a wholistic project plan inclusive plant specification, preparation of planting areas, plant supply and installation, as well as scheduled ongoing care and maintenance.      



From the outset, the Summit team approached the project with a desire for the long-term success of the site, and culture of collaboration.

With thorough planning and dedicated project resources, Summit could ensure the highest standards of safety, efficiency and environmental outcomes could be achieved.

The project was successfully delivered, and we are proud of the thriving wetland environment we have created for Dandenong residents to experience.  

The key metric we are most proud to report on, however, is our commitment to and living culture of ‘safety first’ – with no time lost on the project due to injury.

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